Holton & Wheatley vs Islip

Sunday 2 Jul 2017

Original Report by Peter Burrows


Holton Win against Islip

After a close fought encounter, Holton cross the line with a wicket to spare.

July 2nd brought perfect weather and a friendly Islip XI to Brookes. Their team, like ours, in the best village tradition mixing youth and experience.

We took to the field and restricted them to 125 all out (37 overs). Their opener held out, but Alun Regan, Graham Hawkins and Neil Robinson kept finding other victims to send back to the pavilion, aided by fine fielding throughout, every catch taken, bar one, and a brilliant stumping by Simon Switala.  'Boomer' McCalman got his first wicket for Holton.

After tea, our openers Peter Burrows and John Joliffe found scoring difficult, partly due to capricious bounce (or not at all), but mainly to an accurate first 16 overs from the medium-pace strike bowlers, Ludo Bennett-Jones and ?......  The latter took 4 wickets in his 8 overs.  Our no.6, Dan Jacobs, helmeted, arrived just prior to the end of their spell, looking forward to his (ahem) favourite activity: slow bowling.  Peter went for 10 soon after. Dan, showing some discomfort at first, nonetheless rose above his demons ("how high?", they cry) to triumph with 56 not out some 20 overs later, including prefacing scoring the winning runs with the only six of the day.

During most of his innings, the result was very much in the balance, with Islip the more hopeful. But Graham batted powerfully for 26, after which victory was a realistic prospect for Holton if the lower order could hold out. In fact, our middle and late order batsmen played ideally.  Robin Taylor (3) then shared a crucial 20-partnership, and Alun (0 n.o.) was a model of defensive purpose - except for one alarmingly sudden bid at an off drive (alarming to spectators, and probably to him as well).  Fortunately, he missed, and the ball did too. Earlier Rohit Aggarwal (Oxfam) hit four superb 4s in one over off Bennett-Jones, equalling his impressive leg-side fielding for us and two direct hits side-on.  Special credit goes to John's friend, Franz, from Frankfurt, playing his first-ever game of cricket without looking like a beginner.  He even looked as if he understood it, especially as he sat after his innings (0) puffing his pipe and sipping a can of Carlsberg.  How nice for him, and us, he was on the winning side. H&W ended on 127 for 9.  Skipper: Alun.  Man of the Match: Dan.   (P.S. When was the last time anyone smoked a pipe at a cricket match?)