History – 2008 – TOUR ISLE OF WIGHT 2


On Sunday we faced Shanklin. A prettier place to play cricket, you could not imagine.

Shanklin 1 (480x360, 18976)

Opening bowler, Heather, gets in some pre-match practice!

The games starts on time and Shanklin score 162 for 6. John Simpson and Graham Hawkins get three wickets each.

Shanklin 2 (480x360, 30109)

“And I said to ‘im, ‘I’ll go”. Give me a larf will you”

Shanklin 3 (480x360, 26302)

I’m still hungry!

Shanklin 4 (480x360, 26795)

Alan Clark and Simon Switala discuss how Holton are going to chase down the runs.

Shanklin 5 (480x360, 28201)

Golly, this cricket’s boring.

Shanklin 6 (480x360, 26464)

Mr President catches up on the news.

Shanklin 7 (480x360, 28531)

Alan C sorts out his team for the match photo. “No, I’m standing over here on the right”

“Look everyone, I can stand on tiptoes”

Shanklin 8 (480x360, 28093)

Mark Deacon, David Peddy, Graham Hawkins, Simon Robinson, John Simpson, Simon Switala

James Race, Guy Burford, Alan Clark (captain), Alan Banyard, Neil Robinson

Nice that you could make this one David!

Shanklin 9 (480x360, 22088)

Text-book forward defence. John Simpson’s favourite shot! John scored 56.

Shanklin 10 (480x360, 20477)

Simon Switala watches carefully as the ball whizzes by. Simon went on to score 30.

Winston Hawkins (480x366, 17832)

we shall fight with growing confidence, we shall defend our Island (and our wickets), whatever the cost may be,
we shall fight on the beaches,
we shall fight on the wicket,
we shall fight in the outfields and on the boundaries,
we shall fight in the pavilion;
we shall never surrender ………..

Shanklin 12 (480x360, 22052)

James Race waiting for the short one.

Shanklin 13 (480x360, 19957)


Shanklin 16 (480x360, 24002)

Back to the bar and time for the presentation. Holton have fallen by just 11 runs.

The end of a very enjoyable weekend, the final game being played at a fantastic venue against a very sporting bunch of lads. Thank you Shanklin CC.